Mine your Purpose

The existential essence or higher purpose of a brand quintessentially defines and differentiates it. The higher purpose is the foundation of the brand's unique belief-system/culture.

How will you discover your brand's higher purpose? We have developed a proprietary tool with 5 sequential steps to scientifically enable you to excavate your brand's higher purpose. We call it the 'Brand Farm'.

Starting from the 'Values' that the brand is pillared upon, the intriguing journey with you will continue to distilling the 'Essence' of the brand, then moving on to the inherent 'Passion' that drives your business, to the 'Social Conscience' that humanises your brand and finally unleashing the 'Belief' that the brand stands for. The progressive excavation finally culminates in the crystallization of the brand's 'Organic Purpose'.

Nurture Your Purpose Brand

We know that discovering the Organic Purpose alone won't do the magic. We recommend 4 steps in curating a purpose brand by breathing life into its Purpose and enlivening it. We do it by nurturing your brand in our Green House.

Purpose should be integral to a brand just as sunlight to a plant. Through Green House we ensure brand nurturance by providing the brand-purpose alignment in 4 dimensions - the persona, the product, the people and the promotion.

  • We start out by re-aligning the brand persona with the discovered brand purpose using 'design-based solutions'.
  • To ensure the brand persona finds its seamless expression in the product, we then evaluate the existing product or service and take you through effective product development process using 'Design Thinking principles'.
  • Then comes the curating of a culture code, followed by 'cultural immersion' through internal diffusion programs that will help align all stakeholders with the purpose.
  • Our scientifically proven 'storytelling method' with an emphasis on emotions then comes into play to promote your brand.
Make Your Brand Bloom

Organic Purpose creates a natural sync with all stakeholders so that the brand gets a more committed workforce internally and more loyal customers externally, leading to greater and sustainable returns. The positive impact that the brand leaves on the society contributes to its better reputation and goodwill.

We have evolved our own in-house metrics to measure the returns on purpose taking into consideration three relevant aspects - customer loyalty, community impact and the company's profits. We call it the Brand Bloom. We offer you measurability of the impact of the higher purpose through our quantitative and qualitative tools