Decades of research and practice helped us build a new dimension to the Triple Bottom line principle on sustainability. Our Sustainable Business Framework doctrine introduces the 4th 'P' as the organization's Purpose and defines the role of Purpose in setting the other 3 'Ps' - Planet, People, and Profit - in motion.

According to our Purpose Principle, ''The Higher Purpose of a Business Encourages Stewardship of the Planet, Empowers People to Achieve Potential, and Ensures Sustainable Profits and Development''.

The Charka is the symbolic representation of our Sustainable Business Framework. The big wheel on the right, the Higher Purpose, spins all the 3 business objectives - Planet, People & Profit. The Planet forms the superset on this wheel, whereas people and profit are its two concentric subsets. Finally, the multi-thread yarn, composed of Culture, Technology, Design, and Storytelling, links the wheels and sets the purpose in motion, putting the enterprise on its path to sustainable development.