Social Media is the real game-changer for small businesses, says Shri Dileep Narayanan

Shri Dileep Narayanan, Thought Leader in Purpose Branding; Managing Director & Brand Mentor of Organic BPS opined that Social Media is the real game-changer for small businesses. He was speaking on "Real Challenges, Real Conversations", a conversation conducted by the RestartIndia Mission empowered by Muthoot FinCorp & InkTalks.

The media landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years, and the emergence of Social Media is a boon to India's Small Business sector. Social media is a democratic platform, it doesn't differentiate whether your business is worth ?10Cr or ?10L, and it is quite an affordable media for small businesses, unlike other traditional media vehicles. Social media has given the power to small businesses where they can create their own authentic stories and communicate the same to their specific audience in no time. Small businesses need to choose one social media platform that is apt for their targeted segments, consistently engage with their audience through regular innovative and authentic content. Content, Conversation & Consistency are the key elements for success through social media, emphasized Dileep.