Fight climate Change through Climate Justice

"Let's fight climate change through climate justice" was the concept that Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed at the World Sustainable Development Summit 2021. According to him, the road to climate change is through climate justice and that the developing countries should be given enough space to grow. He continued by saying that "Health to our people and health of our planet, both are interlinked". So, at the root of climate justice is the principle of being large-hearted. Climate justice is inspired by a vision of trusteeship, where growth comes with greater compassion for the poorest. India has exceeded its commitments and targets set by the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015.

India is committed to reducing the emissions intensity of GDP by 33-35 per cent from 2005 levels and has already achieved a drop of emission intensity to 24 per cent. India is well on track to setting up 450 GW of renewable energy generating capacity by 2030. As India's destination, we seek a greener planet, and our unique culture with deep respect to forests and the green cover will give us outstanding results.

We believe that, individually and collectively, we can contribute to this cause. At the Centre for Higher Purpose in Business (CHPB), we have floated a 'Purpose Charter' for organizations, brands and individuals to sign up as their public commitment to the globally shared cause of making this world better through better business.