Neron and Kiera made this Valentine's Day most memorable!

This Valentine's Day, the unique and emotional love story of a pair of Jaguars stole everyone's attention. A zoo presented the story of two Jaguars, Neron and Kiera. It was a conscious move to attract people towards relationships in the animal kingdom that are as intense and interesting as human beings. The zoo authorities say that they haven't seen such a close and protective pair. They even co-habit across their enclosures.

Neron is a calm cat, and Keira is full of energy; they fell in love over the course of 2020 and have influenced each other's personality quite a bit. Seeing them rolling around and pampering each other will ignite our passion for this planet. Such genuine and emotional stories can create a lasting impact on people that can lead to behavioural changes in the long run. Well done, The Big Cat Sanctuary, Amsterdam.