How to look authentic in a Glass Box World?

There could perhaps be no better metaphor to describe the world exaggerating its transparency. Democratized information and social networks have made it possible for anyone to access any information or instantly know any new development across the globe. If the world is today a transparent place, so are organizations and brands. This phenomenon makes it very crucial for organizations to be authentic and genuine.

For organizations to become authentic, the first thing is to have a strong culture based on values and purpose. Conscious attempts must be made to cultivate a culture code within the organization. In a world where product parity exists, 21st-century brands could differentiate themselves based on their distinctive culture. If that's the case internally for organizations, external communication also needs to become authentic. To put it briefly, organizations should engage in authentic storytelling. Today's millennial customer would instead look at the organization's impact on the community and its customer's life, acting pivoted on its purpose.

The only business premise that triumphs at the end of the day would undoubtedly be ''Doing good is good business", all because your stakeholders will see through your purity of intent.