Values could be enriched as part of legacy & learnings over the past

Participating in the First Purpose Round Table event, Dr Mukund Rajan, Chairman, E-Cube Investment Advisors, Former Brand Custodian, Tata Sons, joining from Mumbai explained how values could be enriched in an organisation over a period of time. Citing an example, he narrated that, while he was the Brand Custodian of the Tata Sons, in an exercise to revisit the Tata Values, they had added a new value called 'Pioneering' which was not articulated earlier in Tata's Values. Elaborating, he said, 'Pioneering' was always one of the group's core values, but it was never stated. Adding on he said, as part of an organisation's legacy, you may discover newer values over time, which would make a difference to the community now, which earlier one would have taken for granted. "Your learnings and understandings from history could enrich values", he concluded.