The story of the storm

Mother Nature gives her all to her children so they may live well and flourish. However, human beings overuse, misuse and abuse all her resources leaving her drained and dying. This has been going on for long and to such an extent that it now poses a threat to man's continued life on earth. Contemplating on these lines for years, Mr. Dileep Narayanan, realised the only solution was to bring about a behavioural change in people and creativity is the best way to touch hearts and minds.

In 2009, Organic BPS launched Greenstorm in association with United Nations Environment Programme. Utilising the potential of digital media, Greenstorm harnessed the power of creativity to reach out to the conscience of the world. In 2018, Greenstorm Foundation was formed, as a registered public trust by including like-minded people.

The aim of the Greenstorm Foundation is to spread awareness on the need for environmental conservation, using the power of creativity and the reach of digital media, thereby effecting a positive impression in the mindset of the community, especially the youth and children, leading to a positive behavioural change. Today, the influence of Greenstorm has reached over 52 countries of the world.