A think tank to steer research
and innovation


'Centre for Higher Purpose in Business' (CHPB) is a global community of thought leaders who would ideate, undertake research/training, aid sustainable business growth, and equitable development based on the principles of Higher Purpose. The four core activities that CHPB has undertaken are Research, Events, Purpose Charter & Purpose Rating.

Global Research Observatory

As a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 152nd birth anniversary, on 2 October 2021, the Centre announced a research study on 'Gandhi and 21st Century Business', collaborating with 100 thought leaders from Business, Academics, Economics and Public Policy, spread across ten different countries.

Purpose Roundtable

Purpose Roundtable is a series of Thought Leadership Conversations by Global Business Leaders, launched in December 2020. The platform facilitates co-creation and cross-pollination of ideas on the concept of Higher Purpose to inspire Business Leaders and Practitioners. It also aims to congregate global business leaders/enterprises under the umbrella of a Purpose Charter, based on the key Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. Excerpts of the Purpose Roundtable conversations are available at www.purposeroundtable.com