Dr. Azad Moopen

Doing Good is Good Business, echoes Dr. Azad Moopen.


Happiness for Profit

This week, I had stumbled upon an interesting article in my XLRI Alumni newsletter wherein one of my senior alumni speaks about the need for a second innings ...

Why We Exist

The role of business in the progress of humanity is getting redefined. Every brand needs to be driven by a higher purpose to make the world a richer and a more meaningful place. Today with millennial consumers becoming more belief-driven, companies are becoming more community-centric. The age of Human Revolution is here. The Industrial Revolution was driven by our hands, the Information Revolution by our heads. Now the Human Revolution will be driven by our hearts.

Two decades of our brand building experience has taught us how belief-driven brands create stakeholder commitment, customer loyalty, sustainable profits, and above all, a positive impact on the community. The philosophy of 'putting humanity back in business' has inspired us to pursue our higher purpose of 'Helping Business and Humanity Mutually Profit'.

Profit from Purpose

How We Do

Higher Purpose is a fundamental shift that brings more 'good' to the world, which begets greater profits, which leads to even more 'good'. With the application of purpose branding principles, it is possible for a brand to establish a firmer standing in the community, receive greater appreciation from customers, and earn sustainable profits.

Through decade-long research, learning and practice, we have developed BPS, a proprietary tool based on the concepts of higher purpose and neuroscientific theories on consumer psychology. We are the first company in India to formulate these concepts into a proven methodological framework.

We also have 2 other avenues to pursue our higher purpose; Centre for Higher Purpose in Business, an academic & research institution, and Greenstorm Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation in the environment conservation domain.

Case Study


Early 2020, when the pandemic struck, it left lives and businesses in shambles across India. Small Businesses were the worst affected.

What We Do

We cultivate purposeful brands. To seed purpose in business and to nurture it to bloom, we have evolved a proprietary model. The BPS Model offers 3 unique products - BrandFarm, GreenHouse and BrandBloom.

BrandFarm is a specialised product that comprises 5 bespoke processes to unearth the 'Organic Purpose' of a brand through discovery, experience and expression.

GreenHouse offers 4 specialised processes that help a brand grow in alignment with its Organic Purpose and communicate through authentic 'storytelling' that impacts audiences emotionally.

BrandBloom helps assess the extent of brand effect achieved through Purpose Branding. It measures the 3 critical parameters of real growth - customer loyalty, community impact and company financials.

Who We Are

Dileep Narayanan, Brand Mentor and a committed conservationist, founded Organic BPS in 1999, with a culture deep-rooted in values - commitment to righteousness, excellence and results. His visionary journey towards the higher purpose began the day he christened his dream organisation 'Organic'. A company that discovers and articulates the deepest and the most natural expression of a brand, which he calls the "Organic Purpose".

The history of longstanding partnerships with clients bears testimony to our time-tested principle of brand trusteeship. We extend bespoke services to our clients and live their purpose with them through thick and thin. Today our clientele ranges from leading regional brands to Fortune 500 companies. Organic has a committed team of highly experienced professionals with diverse talents, and multi-disciplinary approach to providing business solutions. Over the course of our journey spanning two decades, we have won many national and international recognitions.