The Value Proposition

Purpose Branding puts humanity back into business

We are living in a world absolutely cluttered with brands that offer nothing beyond competitive parity. The unprecedented evolution of the communication ecosystem in the last two decades has posed a plethora of challenges for brand credibility. A brand is no longer what you tell the consumer it is, thanks to social media, it is what consumers tell each other it is. Like it or not, they are moving the narrative forward.

Therefore it is imperative that 21st century organizations put ‘humanity back in business’ or people above profit. Profit cannot be the goal of a company; it is the result of what a company does. As Reiman puts it insightfully, “Focus on the next quarter century and the next quarter will be fine.”

To achieve short-term success one needs a good brain, to achieve sustainable success one needs a good brain and a good heart.

Purpose branding is a game-changer because the model introduces a fundamental change in strategy – from ‘transaction’ to ‘transformation,’ from ‘competition’ to ‘collaboration.’ We have proven that it is possible to accomplish higher salience in the community, greater appreciation from the customer and increased profits for the brand, when we apply the higher purpose model.

Our research suggests that higher purpose gives a brand clarity of thought that leads to clarity of action that inspires, motivates and unifies people behind a brand. Check out our case studies and BPS model to understand how we do it.

The human story transcends product & service stories